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Mar 20, 2024

50 Cheap Home Upgrades That Solve Your Home's Most Annoying Problems

Shopping Click “add to cart” and make your life easier. If you ever find yourself wishing there could be a better way to solve those little annoyances in your home (like that fitted sheet that keeps


Click “add to cart” and make your life easier.

If you ever find yourself wishing there could be a better way to solve those little annoyances in your home (like that fitted sheet that keeps falling off) you’re in luck, because there are tons of unique items on Amazon that are specifically designed to make your life easier. They don’t cost a lot, and reviewers rave over how much of a difference these items can make.

To explore these budget-friendly fixes, scroll on for cheap home upgrades that’ll solve your home's most annoying problems.

Finally get your cutlery, craft, or junk drawer under control with these bamboo dividers that are adjustable to fit your drawer. Each spring-loaded divider can extend between 17.5 and 22 inches long and has a nonslip and scratch-resistant pad on each end to keep them in place. You can even use them to organize your sock and underwear drawers, too.

Save yourself some time and frustration by keeping your extra plastic bags in this wall-mounted bag saver that features an elongated opening in the front — making it easier to retrieve one bag at a time. It has a wide top opening so you can shove multiple bags in at once and comes with all of the hardware needed for easy installation.

Add some extra storage to your shower or bathroom wall with this set of stylish metal shelves. Instead of suction cups, each shelf hangs from your wall via a clear adhesive panel that can support up to 15 pounds and sticks to all kinds of smooth surfaces, including tile, glass, and marble. The rustproof shelves come in four colors — matte black, gold, polished silver, and rose gold — with four hooks for hanging your loofahs or razors.

This utensil holder may look like your standard kitchen canister, however, it boasts a rotating design that makes it so much easier to find the utensil you’re looking for. It also has removable dividers for added organization, plus a weighted base that helps keep it in place while you spin. Choose from five colors to suit your space, including black, mint green, and brushed stainless steel.

Few things are as frustrating as a fitted sheet that keeps sliding off, but these stretchy bed bands feature strong clips to help keep sheets in place. Each one stays hidden from view under your mattress, has a T-shaped design to grasp both the corner and sides of your fitted sheet, and boasts grippy pads in the clips to help protect your sheets.

Great for stashing out-of-season clothes and extra blankets, these vacuum-sealed storage bags help save space while protecting your things from dust, dirt, and bugs. Simply pack them full, zip them shut, and use your vacuum hose in the valve to suck all of the air out. It even comes with a travel pump for maximizing space in your suitcase.

Get rid of pesky flying insects in your home with this plug-in fly trap that doesn’t use any potentially irritating chemicals. The two-part design lures bugs in with a wall-facing UV light and then traps them with a sticky glue card that can be disposed of when full. Each one is designed to be effective in up to 400 square feet of space and comes with an extra glue card.

Protect your bed from dust, stains, and accidents with this mattress protector that has earned over 230,000 positive ratings on Amazon. It has a soft terry cloth material on top and deep pockets to fit your mattress, and reviewers love the waterproof protection that doesn’t feel plasticky under the sheets. One shopper wrote, “I worried that this mattress pad would be "rough" and would make "crinkly" noises [...] But that didn't happen. It isn't noticeable under the sheet.”

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king

Keep crumbs, grease splatter, and spills from running down the crack between your stove and countertop with these silicone gap covers that are heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in a variety of colors and lengths, these covers create a smooth seal along the length of your stovetop and can be cut to size for the perfect fit. They’re also easy to clean in the dishwasher or by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Keep your pots and pans organized and easily accessible with this sturdy rack organizer that fits inside your cabinet. Each of the shelves can be adjusted to accommodate eight or more pots and pans and has a nonslip rubber coating to prevent sliding and scratches. The metal frame can hold up to 10 pounds per shelf and won’t bend or rust over time.

Place this magnetic cord wrangler on your desk or nightstand for an easy way to keep messy cables contained. The heathered fabric cover comes in four colors — beige, pink, gray, and teal — and it has a grippy bottom to keep it in place without needing any adhesive. The helpful holder works with any charging cable and comes with two magnetic cable collars that you can add to your cords.

Whether you’re trying to find the cinnamon, grabbing some pain reliever, or picking your new color of nail polish, these sliding cabinet caddies can make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. Each caddy has a two-tier shelf that slides out easily along the nonslip base and can be rotated left and right to quickly find what you need.

If your kitchen storage is limited, this mug hook frees up precious cabinet space and also makes it easier to find your favorite coffee cup in the morning. Made from durable stainless steel, it can hold up to three coffee or tea cups. Installation is easy and tool-free; simply slide the rack onto the bottom of a cabinet or shelf up to 0.8 inches thick.

If you have half a lemon, onion, or tomato leftover when cooking, keep it fresh for longer with these reusable silicone food covers. The set includes five sizes to fit various foods and containers, creating an airtight seal and reducing your single-use plastic waste. The covers are also dishwasher-safe for convenience.

Making it easier to see what you have on hand, these clear plastic storage bins are great for organizing your fridge contents and may even help reduce food waste. The set includes bins of varying sizes, including an egg keeper and a can organizer, and they all have handles that make them easy to slide in and out. They’re also shatter-resistant and stackable to maximize space.

Reviewers rave about how this bidet attachment has totally elevated their bathroom experience, with one shopper writing, “Everything feels so much cleaner and it actually soothes your bottom in rough times.” It boasts an easy installation that takes just minutes, according to reviewers, and has angle and pressure adjustment settings for the perfect flow. Plus, it may even cut back on your toilet paper usage.

Illuminate dark stairwells with this pack of warm white LED lights that boast a motion sensor feature, so they’ll turn on when movement is detected up to 10 feet away. They can be installed using the included screws or adhesive backing, and they’re battery-operated for wireless use. You’ll get about 125 hours of light before having to swap out the batteries, and they’re also great for use in closets or hallways.

This large laundry basket not only looks nice, but it also features a dual-sided design to keep your lights and darks separate. Two mesh laundry bags are included and can be easily removed for carrying to the washing machine, and the hamper has a sturdy bamboo frame and handles on the side for easy carrying. Color options include blue-gray, black, and beige.

If you’re tired of always struggling to find the right lid for your food container, grab one of these lid organizers that sits neatly in your drawer or cabinet. The plastic tray features five adjustable dividers to accommodate your collection and has raised edges to keep them all contained. “Why didn't I purchase something like this years ago?” wondered one reviewer. “I rarely give 5 stars to something but this is well made and designed thoughtfully.”

This chic countertop shelf has a ton of uses and is great for adding storage to your kitchen, bathroom, or office. You can angle the shelves to fit into corners or flat along walls, and the removable hooks on the side are great for hanging utensils or bath and body products. There are six colors to choose from, including bamboo, rustic brown, and white.

If you find yourself constantly moving furniture back into its spot, place these nonslip grippers on the legs to keep it in place. They have adhesive backings so tools and hardware aren’t needed, and they boast a felt core to pad your furniture and prevent scratches on your floor. Simply cut them to size and stick them on.

Create shoe storage in tight places with these adhesive shoe racks that can be installed on everything from walls to benches and cabinets. They’re great for spots where traditional shoe racks can’t be used and measure 10 inches wide to accommodate many shoe sizes. Simply stick the adhesive mount onto the desired surface and bolt the shoe holder into place.

Soften the sound of closing doors, cabinets, and drawers with a pack of these clear bumpers that become virtually invisible when in place. The tiny rubber pads measure just half an inch wide, have an adhesive backing that lets them stick to almost any surface, and can also help reduce the damage of banging doors.

Whether you’re washing a few dishes or cleaning up after a big meal, this expandable dish-drying rack adjusts between 13.2 and 19.7 inches to meet your needs for the day. It boasts a quick-draining design that funnels water out through a spout in the front, comes with a utensil cup on the side, and has a durable and rustproof stainless steel frame.

To upgrade your lighting without needing any electrical work or wiring, this battery-operated wall sconce is a simple, elegant solution. The touch-control lamp boasts three brightness and color temperature options, and the rotating design can be adjusted for the perfect angle. It’s easy to install using the included adhesive strips, and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours at a time.

Keep your mail, keys, bags, and umbrellas tidy with this wall-mounted mail organizer that features two shelves and seven hooks. The organizer has an overall weight capacity of up to 20 pounds, and the mini shelf with a lip is perfect for keeping sunglasses or decorative items. Mounting hardware is included, and you can choose from five colors: black, brown, gray, white, and wood.

If you find your rug corners always seem to want to curl up, use these V-shaped corner grippers to help keep them down. Each gripper has an adhesive backing to stay attached to the bottom corner of your rug and features a grippy rubber material on the other side to stick to hard floors and reduce sliding.

If you have a leaky shower door, use these universal door seals to help keep water from dripping onto your bathroom floor. The slip-on design makes them super-easy to install, and they’re made from two types of vinyl for a durable seal. Plus, each of the 36-inch long pieces can be cut the fit the length of your door.

Keep your dishwashing accessories neatly stashed in this stainless steel sink caddy that can either be hung over the center divider of your sink or attached to the side of the sink with the included adhesive hook. Two compartments provide easy drainage for sponges and scrub brushes, and when using the adhesive hook, the front of the caddy can be used as a dishcloth drying bar.

Flimsy shower curtains can float up while you’re showering and be a pain to clean, but this heavy-duty liner has a soap-scum-resistant coating that helps keep it cleaner for longer — and it’s made from a thick PEVA material with magnets on the bottom so it’ll stay in place. The liner is free from chemical odors, dries quickly, and comes in six sizes and 11 colors and styles to choose from.

Great for doors and windows without curtains, this frosted glass film provides some extra privacy and blocks UV rays while still allowing filtered light to shine through. The reusable clings can be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue behind and come in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate your home.

To prevent soggy bath mats and reduce odors, consider swapping out your fluffy bathmat for this ultra-absorbent mat with fast-drying technology. It has a soft and smooth faux suede material on top and a rubber backing to help keep it in place, and it comes in seven sizes and nine colors such as gray, royal blue, and sage green.

You’ll never have to follow the cord from your device to its plug again with these colorful cable labels. Simply write the device’s name on the tab and wrap it around the designated cord for easy access. The best part? They stay in place via hook and loop closures so they’re easy to remove and reuse and won’t leave a sticky residue.

When you can clearly see what’s inside each container, it’s so much easier to find what you want, and these stackable food storage containers will keep you organized and your pantry looking fab. Each of the BPA-free containers comes with airtight lids to keep your goodies fresh, plus black stickers with a white chalk marker for labels and expiration dates.

Fans of these handle covers love how they prevent fingerprints and sticky messes on their appliances and how easy they are to wash when dirty, with one shopper writing, “I throw it in washing machine with my household items and they’re as good as new.” The plush covers wrap easily around fridge and oven handles using hook and loop closures and come in four colors to suit your style.

For those rooms that just don’t seem to get a good signal, add one of these Wi-Fi range extenders for faster and broader coverage. Its bandwidth will allow up to 45 devices to access the network simultaneously, and it offers up to 9,000 square feet of coverage. Simply plug it in, tap a button, and you’ll be connected in seconds.

With an overall 4.7-star rating on Amazon, the TubShroom is a must-have to prevent slow-draining tubs and costly clogs, with one fan writing, “These catch all the hair and I haven't had to unclog the drain since I've purchased them.” The perforated design traps hair while allowing water to flow freely through, and the mushroom shape keeps it all out of sight until you’re ready to remove it.

To make meal prep easier, this set includes a bamboo cutting board and six color-coded cutting mats to prevent cross-contamination of foods. Each odor-resistant, BPA-free mat has a food icon in the corner to help you keep track, and they fit on top of the cutting board to create a sturdy cutting surface. Plus, the mats are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and can be stored inside the cutting board for easy access.

To keep your bubbly from going flat, grab this champagne stopper that provides an airtight seal. Simply place the self-tightening stopper on top of your bottle and pull the lever down to lock it. It’s made of durable chrome-plated stainless steel and has a leakproof design so you can lay bottles down in the fridge.

For a little extra storage space next to your bed, clip one of these bedside shelves onto your bed frame and use it to stash your phone, drink, charger, and whichever book you’re currently reading. It installs easily thanks to sturdy clamps and can hold an impressive 35 pounds, and the tray features a raised lip around the edge with convenient slots for your charging cables.

With a unique water-powered feature that’s designed to keep it clear, this fogless mirror is great for use while shaving or applying skin-care products while showering. Simply fill the chamber with hot water, and it’ll stay fog-free throughout your shower. The self-adhesive mirror also boasts a shelf for storing your razors and a built-in squeegee for cleaning.

Avoid confusion in the kitchen with this clever dishwasher magnet that clearly indicates whether the dishes are clean or dirty. The cute slider magnet comes in five color combinations and styles, including green and white and pink and gray, and it even includes some adhesive pads to use on non-magnetic surfaces.

If you enjoy having real plants in your home but have trouble remembering to water them, these self-watering planters can help. Available in 10 colors, the 10-inch plastic pots feature a removable water reservoir in the bottom and come with cotton strings to be threaded up through perforations in the pot. Dry soil then draws water up through the string from the reservoir to keep your plant hydrated and happy.

Catching some zzz’s with a ton of light coming through the window can be difficult, but these blackout curtains are designed to block up to 99% of light. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, such as stone blue, biscotti beige, and dry rose, and can even help insulate your room from outside temperatures and noise. The silver grommets fit easily on any standard curtain rod.

This magnetic screen door attaches easily to your door frame to help keep bugs out while you’re entertaining or simply enjoying some fresh air. A set of magnets in the center closes the mesh panels automatically after a person or pet walks through, and it can be hung from your door frame using the included adhesive strips or tacks. Choose from three sizes to suit your needs.

Blending both style and function, this chic doormat helps capture dirt and debris from paws and shoes and has a rubber backing to keep it in place. It’s made with artificial grass material and rubber strips to catch dirt, and it can be easily swept or rinsed off to clean. There are six colors and styles to choose from, the low-profile design makes it great for use as an indoor entry mat as well.

To get rid of odors in closets, trash cans, lockers, and other small spaces, simply attach one of these refillable fresh pods to a smooth surface inside, and it’ll begin neutralizing odors immediately. The pod includes a Fresh Wave pack inside that can be replaced every 30 days for ongoing freshness, and they don’t contain any harsh chemicals, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

Cleaning out your refrigerator might not be your favorite job, but these fridge mats can make it a little easier thanks to their waterproof design that lets you simply rinse them off when dirty. They’re made of a durable, food-safe material and can be cut for the perfect fit. And if you have extras, you can use them to line drawers or create pretty placemats.

Not only does this water bottle organizer make it easier to view your entire collection at once, but it also helps maximize the space in your cabinet. Three shelves provide enough space for up to nine standard water bottles, and grooves in the shelving keep them from rolling around. It also has nonslip feet to keep the rack in place and comes in four styles to choose from.

Control your devices using a smartphone app thanks to this pack of smart plugs that’ll turn any standard appliance into a smart device. Set timers and schedules so your lights, TV, and speakers will turn on and off by themselves, and pair them with Alexa or Google Home for voice control capabilities.

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