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Jul 10, 2023

50 Genius Things That Solve So Many Problems for Less Than $30 on Amazon

Say bye-bye to unnecessary, everyday annoyances. Yes, there are some issues — around the house, in life — that require pricy fixes and a lot of time. But a lot of the time all it takes is one

Say bye-bye to unnecessary, everyday annoyances.

Yes, there are some issues — around the house, in life — that require pricy fixes and a lot of time. But a lot of the time all it takes is one budget-friendly little product to solve the exact life problem you’re dealing with.

Whether your middle part keeps getting sunburnt, your phone loses its charge the second a new edition is announced, or you need help making sure you stay hydrated, here are 50 genius things that solve so many problems, for less than $30 on Amazon.

Take advantage of even the smallest storage spot in your home when you have these vacuum sealer bags. Great for out-of-season clothes, extra pillows, bedding, towels, and so much more, you just use a vacuum to take all the air out of the bags so you have maximum storage for minimum space. Plus, the bags are super heavy duty, durable, puncture-resistant, and come in four sizes to fit all your storage needs. Also great for traveling, this pack comes with a hand pump for use on-the-go.

Drink a gallon of water a day with the help of this 128-ounce water bottle. With markers denoting every two hours from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., the water bottle will make sure you’re staying hydrated all day long. It comes with two lids — a chug lid and a straw lid — and features a big handle for super easy grabbing. Plus, it features a durable strap around the leakproof top that can be attached to your backpack for hands-free carrying.

If you’ve ever stood in front of your bathroom mirror and thought “Did I take my meds today?” then these medication trackers are for you. Simply use the adhesive tape to attach the tracker to any medication bottle — each one even has a curved shape to sit perfectly flush. Then, as you take your meds, flick the ticker from the green side to the red side so you don’t accidentally take your meds twice by accident again. A simple yet genius solution, these trackers have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.

Whether you’re at the beach, the park, or a baseball game, this portable neck fan uses turbo technology to surround your face and neck with air to keep you cool all day long. It features three fan speeds that operate extremely quietly, and can run from three to 16 hours on one charge, depending on the speed you choose. And it comes in five colors so you can stay cool and look great doing it.

These odor absorbers use natural charcoal to absorb unwanted odors and make anywhere smell fresh. Think: gym bags, running shoes, refrigerators, garbage cans, bathrooms, and closets. The coolest part is that they’re reusable — just place them in direct sunlight for two hours every month to release trapped moisture and odors, and they can keep your place fresh for up to two years.

If you’re looking to up your oral hygiene game, this stainless steel tongue scraper is guaranteed to help — just peep that 4.8-star rating. The U-shaped scraper features a stainless steel base, ergonomic handles, and a flexible design that allows you to reach even the deep corners of your tongue. It’s rust-proof and comes with a linen carrying pouch so you can have it with you, even when you’re on vacation.

With three adjustable internal compartments, four outer mesh pockets, one outer pouch, and one hook and loop closed pouch, this trunk organizer will keep your car clutter-free. There are straps that can be attached to hooks in your trunk to keep the organizer steady when driving, and the whole thing can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use. And it has reinforced handles and a waterproof interior so you can store almost anything without worrying.

These baggy racks feature a V-shaped design that clips to both sides of a plastic or reusable bag to keep it open while you’re meal prepping. That means there will be no more food spillage when your bags get too heavy and tip over. The sets are available with four, six, or eight racks to make your weekly meal prep so easy you’ll start looking forward to it. These simple holders have over 16,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star rating overall, so you know they really help.

Whether you stare at a computer, phone, or television for most of the day, these glasses will prevent their blue light from causing you eye strain or headaches. The glasses feature a chic see-through frame that works on all face shapes and sizes. Along with the glasses, your order comes with a hard case, a soft pouch case, and a cleaning cloth so you can bring these to the office.

If you’ve ever left the refrigerator open to pour some milk and then forgot to close it, this alarm is for you. The two-piece system can be attached to the outside of your refrigerator or freezer door, and will sound a loud alarm after one minute, two minutes, and three minutes, as well as an extra loud alarm after four minutes. And it comes in black, white, or gray to seamlessly blend in with your appliances.

These genius pimple patches use hydrocolloid to target unwanted blemishes and reduce the look and feel of it overnight. Just place a patch directly on top of a pesky zit, leave on for at least six hours, and see the gunk come right off when you remove it — you’ll know it’s worked when the dot turns from invisible to white. And they’re vegan, non-irritating, and fragrance-free, so they work on most skin types.

These silicone covers stretch to fit the exact size of your fruit and veggie halves, to reduce food waste and save you from fumbling around with mismatched storage tops and bottoms. They come in five sizes: extra-small for cucumbers and bananas; small for things like kiwi and limes; medium for tomatoes and onions; large for oranges and apples; and extra-large for peppers and grapefruit — and more. The durable silicone is rip-resistant, food-safe, and they can eve be used to cover jars and cups.

Putting on bracelets is a breeze when you have this helper tool. Pinch the end of your bracelet between the scratch-resistant rubber teeth, hold it steady while you use your other hand to hook, and — viola — your bracelet is on and you didn’t need to ask for anyone’s help. “I am amazed at how well this works!” one reviewer raved. “The whole thing feels solid, and the alligator clip at the end is strong, so the bracelet won't slip out while you're holding the stem. A big plus is the rubber over the teeth of the clip which protects the jewelry from scratches. I do not regret buying this, it's a keeper!”

If you’ve ever put a dirty dish in a clean dishwasher by accident, this clever magnet is for you. When you run the dishwasher, switch to the “clean” side, and after you’ve emptied it, switch to the “dirty” side. It’s that easy! Plus, it’s waterproof and features a thick magnet to prevent sliding.

Strap your large laundry detergent bottle to this angled holder to keep it in place, and place the measuring cup on the drip-catching platform. Now, pouring detergent is as easy as pressing that little rubber button. Plus, the angle of the holder makes sure you get every last drop. One reviewer gushed, “I love that it has a drip tray so I am not cleaning my laundry area after every detergent use!”

These food saver sheets are infused with active organic botanicals to keep your produce fresh for longer. The food-safe, chemical-free paper can be added to your salad bags, fruit bowls, food storage containers — you name it — inside or outside the refrigerator to extend the life of your produce. Each sheet can be reused for up to one month to reduce food waste and keep your produce ready-to-eat.

It’s easy to forget that your scalp also needs sun protection, but this misting spray has SPF 30 to make staying sun-safe easy. Along with offering sun protection, it also uses plant-based antioxidants to hydrate, enhance color, and strengthen hair. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes — so you can safely take a refreshing dip in the pool or ocean — and it’s reef-friendly.

If you need some extra help keeping track of your phone, keys, wallet, remote control — you name it — these trackers are what you need. Clip one onto your keychain, or use the included hook-and-loop adhesive to attach one to a remote or a suitcase, and let the wireless transmitter do the rest. If you’ve misplaced your item, just tap the associating color on the transmitter, and if you’re within 131 feet of the item, it will start beeping until it’s found.

This pet hair remover is so small and portable, it uses a soft blade to get your furry friend’s hair out of even hard-to-reach crevices. The blade is soft enough to not damage your wood, fabric, or glass surfaces, while being so tough on hair it can get even short and fine fur out of car seats, couches, clothes, pet beds — you name it.

Protect your counters, backsplash, clothes, and more from being sprayed with oil whenever you cook by using this splatter screen. Available in a variety of sizes — from 9.5 to 15 inches — to fit over your favorite pan, the screen features an extra-fine stainless steel mesh to keep splatter in the pan. It’s heat-resistant and rust-resistant, plus it’s dishwasher safe for a super easy clean.

This electric fly swatter uses 4,000 volts of power to zap any bug in its wake. The swatter’s small size means it can be used just as easily inside your house or on your patio, as when you’re hiking or camping. It uses a glowing light to indicate when it’s on, and has two layers of protective mesh over the zap to keep from being accidentally shocked. On one charge, it can last for up to 10,000 zaps — that’s a lot of bugs.

This backup charger has a slim design and durable construction, which makes it super portable. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices thanks to the handy USB port, and it can charge an iPhone 12 from 0 to 100% twice over. And it’s made with temperature control, overcharge protection, and a fireproof casting to ensure a safe charge for all your essentials.

No one knows how the heck socks get lost in the laundry, but these clever hangers might be the solution you need to prevent it from happening again. Just slip up to nine pairs of socks between the two elastic bands for a secure hold, and toss the entire thing into the washing machine and dryer. It works with any sized-sock, and can also be used to wash headbands, masks, underwear — whatever you need.

If grooming your furry friend is the kind of chore you put off as long as possible, these gloves might change your tune. With rubber nibs on the fingers and palms, the gloves attract loose hair, remove deep knots, and increase lather during bathing, to keep your pet’s hair healthy and shiny. The one-size-fits-most glove also features an adjustable strap around the wrist for a snug and water-resistant fit.

Does your water bottle have a narrow lid that makes adding ice difficult? Not anymore when you have this silicone ice cube tray. The special 3.75-by-0.75-inch cubes perfectly slide into water bottles so you can keep your drinks cold and refreshing. Plus, the silicone design makes it easy to pop them out, and the plastic top allows you to stack them in your freezer to save space.

If you have thighs that rub together you can imagine why this anti-chafe stick by Megababe is mega popular. Just swipe the stick directly onto your skin and the natural ingredients like aloe, pomegranate extract, and grapeseed oil soothe to allow friction-prone areas to glide, not rub, against each other. Think: inner thighs, armpits, under-bra, feet — wherever you need. “LIFE CHANGING!!!” one reviewer gushed. “I cannot reccomend this product enough. I've used it 3 times now in very warm 90+ high humidity situations and its worked perfectly. No rub, no rashes, or uncomfortable feeling. Usually I wear spanks or bike shorts under my dresses... no more! [...] 100 gold stars!”

Whether you’re going away for the weekend, or traveling for three months at a time, packing cubes are a must-have to keep everything in your suitcase organized. This set comes with four cubes — from extra-large to store your sweaters or jeans, to small which is great for socks and undies — and one laundry bag to keep your dirty things in one place. The cubes have a breathable mesh top so you can see what’s inside, yet the waterproof sides and bottom are reinforced to keep things durable.

This curved plastic bag carrier features latches on either end that securely hold bag handles, whether you prefer plastic, canvas, or paper. Then slip the carrier onto your shoulder and evenly distribute up to 80 pounds for a hands-free hold. Whether you live in a city and have to walk home from the grocery store, or in the suburbs and always try to carry your entire haul from the car in one trip, this bag carrier makes all the difference.

If you need a little peace and quiet or simply want to protect your ears at a loud concert or event, these silicone ear plugs are the thing for you. They feature a loop design — making it easy to put in and take out — as well as four earpiece sizes to conform to your ear and block most noises. They have over 59,000 ratings on Amazon, and one reviewer gushed, “I love these. I have absolutely no soundproofing in the basement apartment that I share with a roommate, where we live below the landlord (who plays midnight fetch with his dog above my bed.) [...] I use them every day THEY ARE SO SO WORTH IT.”

These cutting board mats are flexible, non-slip, odor-resistant, and dishwasher-safe, making them the newest staple in your kitchen. Each cutting board is labeled with a food group — veggies, fish, beef, fruits, poultry, and bread — which is perfect for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities who are concerned with cross-contact. They’re made with non-porous plastic that’s thick enough so they’re easy to cut on, but thin enough to be curled, rolled, and stored easily.

If you’ve ever been late because you pressed “stop” instead of “snooze” on your morning alarm, you need to check out this clock. It features three wake up options: an extra loud alarm, a vibrating attachment that slips under your pillow or mattress to shake the bed, or both at the same time. Plus, the vibrating-only option is a great sound-free wake-up if you have roommates who don’t need to wake up as early as you do. It features a big snooze button, a large dimmable display that doubles as a mirror, and a USB port that can charge your devices.

If you’re tired of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets loudly slamming every time you close them, these tiny rubber bumpers stick to almost any surface to muffle the noise. They’re nearly invisible and waterproof, with a strong adhesive that works on glass, wood, metal, ceramic, and more. Plus, they’re super versatile. You can also stick them to the bottom of a cutting board to stop it from slipping, or the bottom of a vase to prevent scratching.

The food-safe fired clay in the shape of an adorable little bear keeps your brown sugar moist and usable for three to six months. Just soak in water for 20 minutes, plop into your brown sugar storage container, and your ingredient won’t get rock-hard and unsuitable for baking. And, if you use it dry without an initial soak, it does the opposite: absorbing moisture to keep cereal, crackers, and chips from softening and going stale.

This double sided tape is coated with a mesh fabric for an extra durable hold on the corners of your rugs, preventing sliding and curling for longer. Simply adhere one side to the floor — hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tiles, concrete, you name it — and the other side to the rug for a strong and sturdy hold. “My rugs were always moving about, and I was afraid someone might slip and fall,” one reviewer wrote. “The tape works well on both securing the rug to the floor and on securing the rug to the non-slip pad.”

The lavender, chamomile, and vetivert blend in this misting pillow spray encourages relaxation, calming your body and mind so you can fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up ready for the day. Just spray this essential oil mist onto any pillow surface before you go to sleep and next thing you know you’ll be waking up refreshed. “10/10 DEFINITELY RECCOMEND!” one reviewer raved. “This works great for me & the 1 time I didn't use it, I literally got no sleep until I used it again. I swear by it!”

These cellulose and cotton dish clothes can be reused up to 120 times, which can help reduce your reliance on single-use paper products around your home (think: paper towels). They absorb more than 22 times their weight in liquid, and can be used on marble, wood, glass , tile, and stainless steel. They’re food safe, biodegradable, compostable, machine-washable, and dishwasher-safe, for a super easy clean. As a bonus: They fit on a classic paper towel holder.

With bleed-proof paper, an elastic pen holder, three bookmarks, three sheets of stickers, and an inner pocket for light storage, this pocket-sized planner is an easy way to keep your busy life organized. The interior features undated weekly spreads to keep track of tasks, which includes a priority tracker and habit tacker, as well as monthly calendar spreads to schedule long-term appointments, and deadlines.

Keep your chips, crackers, chocolate, and other snacks fresher for longer when you reseal their bags with these handheld heat sealers. With a shape similar to a hair straightener (but much smaller at just 6.7 inches long), you just slip the open edge of a plastic or aluminum bag between the prongs, close for just one second, and the bag is resealed as new.

Whether you’re looking for some more cushioning, a better fit on too-large shoes, or a heel protector when you’re breaking in a new pair of loafers, these inserts do it all. They come in black and light beige to seamlessly blend in the shoe of your choice, are breathable, plushly cushioned, and water-resistant. Simply use the adhesive backing to add the cushion to the back of the shoe and comfort is at your heels.

If you ever get into the bathroom only to find a layer of tiny hairs on everything, this beard apron is the perfect solution. Wrap the bib part around your neck, and secure the opposite corners to the mirror with the attached suction cups. Then shave and groom all you want because when you’re finished, you can simply detach the suction and wipe the hair into the garbage. It’s that easy.

Get the gunk off your headphones — for good — with this cleaning kit. The set comes with a metal-tipped pen to clean the headphone’s mesh lining, a soft brush to remove earwax from the pod’s rounded surfaces, and a rounded sponge that cleans even the tiny crevices of the AirPod’s case. It also features detachable wax-like rubber that molds to your earphones to remove crusted on gunk, and an electronic-safe cloth to wipe everything down.

Whether you’re dicing fruit, deboning fish, grating cheese, or slicing veggies, these best-selling gloves are four times stronger than leather and 10 times stronger than steel. Together, that means they offer level five protection against cuts, which keeps your fingers and hands safe. They’re food-safe, feature an anti-slip grip, and can be tossed in the washing machine between uses.

If your cats are ruining your fabric furniture, this sisal scratcher is a great and budget-friendly solution. Simply wrap this pad around the arm of the chair, tucking it underneath the cushion for a secure hold, and your cat will start scratching the satisfyingly thick sisal rather than the side of your your brand-new couch. “Saved my couch,” one reviewer wrote. “I tried everything to have my cats not scratch my couch. [...] This product is a live saver and is very sturdy. Everyone who comes over asks me about it. A++”

Whether you’re kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, or simply going to the beach, this dry bag uses an airtight and watertight seal and the toughest waterproof polyester to protect all your things so you can focus on the adventure, not making sure your phone stays dry. It’s incredibly lightweight at just under 3 ounces, and it comes in three sizes to make sure you’re always covered.

This cream has over 56,000 five-star ratings and is the No. 1 bestseller in Amazon’s Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Rubs category, and it’s obvious why. The proprietary blend of arnica, vitamin B6, and other key ingredients can be applied directly onto commonly troubled areas like your back, knees, feet, neck and more, for instant relief. Plus, it’s odor-free, grease-free, and doesn’t offer a heating or cooling sensation so you won’t even know it’s there.

This meat thermometer is waterproof and features a backlit, LED screen that displays the temperature of your meat. Best of all? It works accurately in under three seconds, which is just as fast as much, much more expensive tools. With a temperature reference chart conveniently located on the handle, this thermometer has over 59,000 five-star ratings and is certainly worth the hype.

If you’re often leaving things in your “Mary Poppins purse,” and remembering they exist weeks later, you might want to check out this clever organizer. Made of soft felt and available in over 20 colors and six sizes, the organizer has four exterior pockets, and a removable set of eight interior pockets, to make sure everything has a designated place.

If you ever feel neck tension from looking down at your laptop all day, this stand can elevate it to your eye line for a more ergonomic workday. It features anti-slide rubber on the bottom and on the ledges, to keep the stand and your computer from moving around. And it is made with a detachable design so you can take it with you whether you’re working from home, an office, or by the pool.

This water bottle will replace three in your cabinet, because it has a lid with two straws, a flip lid, and a stainless steel cap lid. Beyond having multiple uses, this sleek, insulated bottle will keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, making it great for all-day use. It’s no wonder that it has over 128,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.8-star rating overall.

This notepad allows you to plan your meals and your grocery list in one super convenient spot. With 52 pages — one for every week of the year — the planner comes with built-in magnet strips to hang the week’s menu on your magnetic appliances, but each piece can also be torn away to bring to the grocery store with you.

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