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Jul 16, 2023

Potane Precision Vacuum Sealer Review 2023

Home Test Kitchen Cooking with Gear & Gadgets Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases. Whether you’re looking for smart freezer

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Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

Whether you’re looking for smart freezer organization tips or need a fool-proof solution for making food last longer, a vacuum sealer is a worthwhile investment. But not just any vacuum sealer. We’re talking about one particular model that tops our best vacuum sealers list: The Potane Precision.

As Taste of Home‘s Executive Culinary Director, I knew I had to get my hands on one to see if it lives up to the hype. Read on for my honest review.

One of the best freezer and fridge organization ideas is investing in products like a uniform set of glass storage containers. They keep food fresh while tidying up the fridge—that’s a win-win! And while we love these products, there’s one device in particular that locks in freshness for weeks longer, and it goes by the name of the Potane Precision vacuum sealer.

So, what is it, exactly? It’s a kitchen appliance with a vacuum chamber that sucks all the air out of plastic freezer bags. The Potane Precision helps home cooks meal prep with ease, thanks to a built-in cutter for prepping the bags and extremely powerful suction that removes every bit of air. This prevents food like meat and seafood from getting freezer burn, or worse, spoiling.

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As with any new-to-me appliance, I started my vacuum sealer test by reading through the user manual. What a treat—the directions are simple! You start with making a bag: Measure the length of the bag, slide the cutter bar to slice off the piece you need and seal it with the touch of a button.

When testing this vacuum sealer, there was no sound to indicate when it was operating or when it had finished making a seal on the bag. But in less than one minute, the light turned off. Okay! Now that the seal is made on one end of the bag, it was time to fill.

Once the food was inside the bag and positioned over the vacuum chamber correctly, it was time for the fun part. The machine is a bit loud during the vacuum sealing process, but my attention was totally focused on seeing the bags “shrinkle” (that’s short for shrink and wrinkle) as the air was drawn out. Yes, it looks as satisfying as it sounds!

I used both the “moist” and “dry” modes. Proteins, with their high moisture content, were sealed on the “moist” mode while cheddar cheese, blanched broccoli florets and pre-frozen, portioned cookie dough balls were set to “dry.” Can you believe vacuum sealed broccoli can stay in the freezer for two to three years?

Over the course of several weeks, I vacuum sealed a lot of foods for sous vide cooking, in addition to general sealing for storing and preserving. Beefy short ribs and porterhouse pork chops benefit from sous vide cooking in Potane’s strong and sturdy bags, as compared to household freezer bags that might not hold up to the potential of bones poking into the plastic. I sealed two hefty New York strip steaks in a bag, and a few days later, a couple of lightweight rations of bacon.

If you’re thinking of preserving fresh mushrooms, garlic or onions via vacuum sealing, unfortunately, it can’t be done. With little oxygen, the harmful anaerobic bacteria that these foods contain can grow, which makes the ingredients unsafe to eat. (Sadly, this applies to soft cheeses, too.) Luckily, the vacuum sealer’s user manual provides helpful food safety tips and other guidelines for success.

One of the pros of the Potane Precision vacuum sealer is that it comes with two different bag sizes. Maybe you’re going on a camping trip and want to seal multiple, smaller bags of nuts, seeds, crackers or coffee grounds. Perfect! How about that summer kayaking trip? Vacuum seal an extra change of clothes using one of the large bags. Pack that puffy jacket in your luggage easily by vacuum sealing it down to a fraction of the size.

I was also surprised to learn that you can fill a Potane bag with liquid. When it’s time to reheat, thaw and then snip the corner for pouring. So smart! You can also pre-freeze soup in a freezer container, then transfer the soup “block” into a Potane bag and vacuum seal. I love the idea of stacking these soup blocks in the freezer—it’s so efficient and organized.

Potane also sells two different sized canister accessories that enable you to vacuum seal foods that you want to hold their shapes, like small loaves of bread, sandwiches or leafy greens. (As a daily salad eater, I think I’ll have to try this.) The streamlined machine takes up very little space and it’s easy to operate.

Start by preparing your bag for sealing. Measure the length of the bag you need, cut it with the sliding cutter bar and seal it with a quick touch of the button. Once the bag is prepared, fill it with food and position it over the vacuum chamber to complete the process.

Vacuum sealing is a smart investment whether you buy in bulk or freeze food for meal prep. Food is susceptible to freezer burn even with the best freezer containers. Vacuum sealing is the best way to create an airtight seal so foods stay fresher for longer.

Foods including raw mushrooms, fresh bananas, raw garlic and onion, soft cheeses, cooked veggies and whole apples should not be vacuum sealed.

With over 3,200 five-star ratings, the Potane Precision vacuum sealer is a true kitchen pro. Here’s what other reviewers love about the time-saving food saver:

“I bought this model because it was recommended by a family member who’s used the same model for years,” shares verified Amazon reviewer, F. Davis. “I’ve had no buyer’s remorse. It’s so easy to use. I used to wrap individual meat servings in parchment and plastic and store in freezer bags. It was time consuming and I always dreaded the job. Now I make my own freezer bag to size, vacuum and seal with the press of a button, and toss the item into the freezer.”

“This has been by far the best food vacuum sealer I have purchased to date,” writes verified Amazon reviewer, Tami Dalrymple. “Super easy to use, easy to clean and the noise is not overly loud like others. It works with any brand of bags as well. Definitely worth every penny!”

Another five-star reviewer, Jo Ann, adds, “I would gladly give this Potane a 10/10 easily. I am fairly new at using a vacuum seal machine but this one is great…I put up almost 40 packages the same day I received this machine, and the results were amazing.”

In all my tests, the Potane Precision vacuum sealer performed great. It’s powerful and reliable. All of the seals on the bags held firm and there was no leaking. The only very minor drawback is the loud sound when the machine draws air out. I’m sold on the virtues of vacuum sealing, beyond sous vide cooking alone. Prepping make-ahead meals for the freezer, preserving ingredients and extending the life of food and even protecting non-food items from the elements—the Potane did an all-around super job!

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If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of vacuum sealing. It’s a game-changing meal prep hack that locks in freshness far better than other products. Buying chicken in bulk? Cooking big batches of soup? The Potane Precision vacuum sealer does it all. Find it on Amazon for $175. Considering all the food I can save from spoilage, it basically pays for itself in the long run. The hardest part is choosing what you will vacuum seal first!

Next, check out this handheld vacuum sealer and mini chip bag sealer. This way to fresher food!

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