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Dec 22, 2023

Pack Expo 2022 Products

CIRCLE PACKAGING MACHINERY - BOOTH: S-1602 Circle Packaging Machinery's new compact V12Si is a vertical form, fill, seal, servo driven intermittent machine for liquid/powder and granulated products.


Circle Packaging Machinery's new compact V12Si is a vertical form, fill, seal, servo driven intermittent machine for liquid/powder and granulated products. With a 5.5-ft. x 6.5-ft. footprint, this machine is designed for crowded manufacturing floors where space is essential. Standard features include a wash down design with stainless steel construction, dynamic film tensioning and side-to-side film tracking, performed via surface driven film unwind and accurate film tracking from the side-to-side movement of the film holder assembly. The V12Si control system utilizes Allen-Bradley controls for daily operation. The machine offers ease of access to the seal head side/cross seal systems. Components are mounted on swing arms that open wide for adjustment/service.


The Effytec HB 20 Horizontal Pouch Machine is a new generation of intermittent pouch machine designed to meet the challenges of the dynamic horizontal form-fill-seal pouch market. The HB 20 can be configured for a wide variety of package formats including flat sachets, stand-up pouches, pouches with spouts, pouches with zippers, pouches with straws, and it is suitable for many types of products including powders, granulated products, tablets, liquids, pastes and solid formats. Speeds range from 65 to 90 cycles per minute, subject to the package size, product and packaging material to be used. Features include compact machine design with a sanitary stainless steel construction, motorized vertical seal bars, a low-maintenance and high-durability cutting device, machine setup recipe storage, and remote tele-modem assistance. The HB 20 offers automatic film splice and alignment, and servo driven film pull rolls. Simplex and Duplex configurations are available to handle chemicals, cosmetics, sauces, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more.

JLS - BOOTH: 2-2564

JLS's Osprey case packer’s latest feature allows for vertical pack of stand-up pouches (SUP). The Osprey robotic case packing system automatically loads stand-up pouches into cases, amongst other primary packages. With a quick install cartridge and tool change, food processors can quickly convert from flat pack orientation to vertical. This is ideal for retail-ready applications. An articulating gripper EOAT (end-of-arm-tool) picks up a flat pouch, orientates it vertically, and loads it into a unique loading cartridge. When fully loaded, the cartridge discharges the pouches vertically into the case. No vision changes are required between SKUs. It’s intended to replace typical “catcher’s mitt” type solutions or other mechanical setups.


Junapack’s JR-8S1024 Rotary Pouch Packer offers versatile packaging machine technology and can be used to fill a variety of products into many styles of premade pouches, including flat, stand-up, shaped, zipper, caps, side gussets for retail sizes well as club store and bulk pack sizes. The machine features Allen-Bradley controls and HMI. Weighing 6,500 lbs., the machine features a sanitary pouch gripper design and an easy-to-clean stainless steel chassis. Due to its captured cam design (no springs) and a patented feature in its pouch feed system, the machine can achieve speeds up to 50 cycles per minute. Pouch size changeover is reportedly a 5-minute operation. The JR-8S1024 handles a range of pouch sizes from 4-in. to 9.4-in. wide and up to 15.75-in. tall. A duplex model is available for speeds up to 80 ppm for pouch sizes up to 9.4-in. wide. The JR-8S1024 Rotary Pouch Packer is ideal for applications such as bakery and snacks, cosmetics, dried fruits and nuts, frozen food, liquids and sauces, pet food, powders and granules, retort, and more.

NJM - BOOTH: N-5650

NJM, a ProMach product brand introduced the enhanced BRONCO 130 pressure sensitive labeler. This inline, servo-driven system can be configured to apply single, dual, wraparound and/or multi-panel labels to round, square, rectangular and/or oval bottles in a variety of sizes. Featuring new software capabilities and new printer options, the enhanced BRONCO 130 is designed to achieve highly flexible, reliable labeling with fast, repeatable format changeovers. Running at speeds up to 250 bottles per minute, the BRONCO 130 is intended for manufacturers and contract packers handling cosmetics, personal care products, food, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other applications. The BRONCO 130 is available with a variety of bottle handling devices, including a spacing wheel, a starwheel, a chain aligner and a single or dual feedscrew drive.


IMA Dairy & Food’s Hassai F600 form-fill-seal machine produces four-sided sealed sachets at a rate of 80 cycles per minute on as many as 16 lanes. It is designed for optimizing printing choices and easy change-over. With a single wide-roll at floor-level and front-to-back sachet registration the Hassai F600 is intended to offer more printing choices than traditional two-roll machines. The unit is designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity by handling rolls with a width of 1.200-mm. and diameter of 800-mm and yielding a 16-hour run-time between roll changes.


IMA Dairy & Food also presented its patented Zero Technology cutting tools designed for manufacturers transitioning to eco-conscious packaging materials. ZERO Technology provides high-quality cutting of PET, PP and PLA through a patented punch process. It is intended for multi-pack designs to break the eco-friendly and mono-material packaging into individual units. By using independent sleeves, the tools allows efficient cup design changes. ZERO Technology tools are able to be dismantled easily with the intention of extending a mold’s lifespan without decreasing performance.


Cremer showcased its new HQS 1250 Counting & Dispensing Machine. The machine is designed specifically for gummy applications in the nutraceutical and confectionary sectors. HQS 1250 is a 12-lane counter that apportions gummies of any size or shape to a downstream bottler or single belt setup at medium to high speeds using optical counting. The machine produces an average output of 150 bottles per minute on a 60-count sanded or sugared gummy product. The HQS 1250 is delivered pre-assembled with quick-locked wires for faster installation and is compact in size to allow for optimizing placement for manufacturer’s needs.


HexcelPack showcased HexcelWrap cushioning paper. The wrapping system protects products for e-commerce, retail, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. HexcelWrap utilizes slit paper technology by making precise cuts a specific angles to allow the paper to flex while maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers. HexcelPack also showcased its Mini Packing Station. The unit is a human-powered, fully recyclable, tabletop dispensing station.


WIPOTEC-OCS presented its new series of modular quality control machines, Traceable Quality System Modular Design (TQS-MD). The TQS-MD model features weighing, marking, verifying, labeling, metal detection and serialization/aggregation integration, among others. The unit offers one interface for product changes, article setup and layout modifications. As the name suggests, the TQS-MD series can comprise a wide array of configurations. Typically applied to print “best before” dates, batch codes or lot numbers on boxes, the popular basic setup marks, verifies and weighs products on a footprint of just one meter in length, and can be upgraded to execute full serialization where required. The unit’s concept was designed for compatibility with an array of products and most components of the model are produced by WIPOTEC-OCS.


The ReeMatic 250 Automatic Tray Sealer. The unit produces ambient, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging styles (VSP) with a multi-lane tray loading conveyor customizable from one to four tracks. The tray transport system is driven by pusher rods guiding the trays down the line in a step-by-step movement, leading onto the defined die-set position. While handling up to 150 packages per minute with WYSIWYG label design, the NextGen WPL has an interface that allows the end user to view something very similar to the end result, all while the document is being created. The WPL is modular in design, allowing for short lead and delivery time, and is National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) approved.


The Reepack ReeTray 30 Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer. The Reepack ReeTray 30 is designed for small- to medium-size food manufacturers and processors as it can perform three types of sealing: ambient tray sealing, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum skin packaging style (VSP) applications. The unit features a chambered system for packaging products in lidding/VSP trays, as well as flat cardboard (VSP skin on board applications).


The Reepack ReeFlow 50 Horizontal Flow Wrapper can package up to 250 products a minute, while also cutting down changeover time between package format types.


The Ossid 500Si High-Speed Stretch Overwrapper produces tightly wrapped PVC packaging at speeds up to 120 trays per minute. The unit is also able to handle eco-friendly film and tray materials.


The ReeForm E10 Thermoformer is a compact machine for small to medium production output of products using VSP and MAP packaging. The design is intended to be easy for cleaning and sanitation by using an open frame made from stainless steel. The unit also has a control panel to provide easy programming and operation for users with varying skill levels.


The Reepack RV 620 Vacuum Chamber is a semi-automatic machine that is available in a table-top or wheeled frame model. The storage capacity of the unit was demonstrated to hold whole-birds such as turkeys. There are nine automatic programs for specific storage needs and pressure-controlled automatic evacuation and gas flushing for high-quality packaging.


Kawasaki Robotics’s latest R-series general purpose robot, the RS013N is stated to be a refined version of earlier models. The robot arm offers a 13-kg. payload capacity and flexible design with the purpose of general application for any industry. The RS013N has a small footprint, lighter main unit and a reach of 1,460-mm to enable high speeds and a large working area. This unit has the largest reach in its series, while also leading in speed. The company states that this combination of speed and arm-length results in reduced cycle times and increased productivity. The internal wiring and installation options contribute to RSO13N’s versatility. An internal Ethernet wiring enables connection to vision systems or other peripheral devices, and it offers a floor, ceiling and wall mount for unique floor layouts. The unit has a full-body IP67 rating, covered motors and waterproof electrical connections.


Orion Packaging Systems, a ProMach brand, displayed its MA-DX LoPro Drag Chain Conveyor and Rotary Tower Automatic (RTC) Stretch Wrapper. Developed specifically for the beverage industry, the system automatically receives, wraps and discharges with designated specifications. The LoPro conveyor is a low-profile, three-strand chain conveyor with a pass-height of only 4 inches It has a weight limit of three 2,500-lb. pallets. The basic system includes one infeed conveyor, one wraparound conveyor and one exit conveyor. Loads are automatically sequenced through the conveyors, and the machine will automatically apply pre-stretched film to the load, cut the film and wipe the film tail to the load. The RTC Stretch Wrapper is an automatic wrapper that integrates with new or existing conveyance; designed for easy integration with 18-in. pass-height conveyors due to its compact size. The machine is also compatible with IAV and AVGs.

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