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Mar 09, 2024

The best vacuum sealers in Canada

Posted by michellegilfoyle | Sep 30, 2021 | Food & Drink | Share: This article was created by Sustainable Planet and may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying

Posted by michellegilfoyle | Sep 30, 2021 | Food & Drink |


This article was created by Sustainable Planet and may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Making dinner after a long day is usually the last thing you want to do when you finally get home, so many people choose to prep their meals in advance. Of course, doing this becomes much easier when you can seal in the freshness and pop meals in your freezer for months at a time to be used whenever you need a simple dinner solution. A vacuum sealer can become invaluable if you like marinating meats or making homemade sauces in bulk. If you’re ready to experience the convenience and usefulness of a vacuum sealer for yourself, one of the best vacuum sealers in Canada is the way to go.

The Geryon automatic vacuum sealer is a high-quality choice ideal for beginners and experts alike. This vacuum sealer has all the sealing modes you could ask for. It can handle moist and dry foods with two separate suction modes for each type to make sure you achieve a perfect seal for any food type. There is even a gentle mode if normal suction is too strong for more fragile foods. As a bonus, this vacuum sealer can be used for other vacuum seal containers since it has a canister vacuum seal mode and comes with a hose attachment that can be universally used on vacuum seal containers.

Considering its size, the Geryon vacuum sealer is quite portable with minimalist dimensions and low weight – this means everyone can use it, and it is easy to store in any kitchen. A built-in bag cutter is a handy feature since so many of us struggle to cut a straight line. LED lights show what mode you’re currently on, and the one-touch soft buttons make changing between settings absolutely foolproof. The effective seal of the Geryon vacuum sealer means you can store frozen items for over a year. One of the most common challenges of using vacuum sealers in Canada is cleaning them properly, especially when working with moist foods. Still, the Geryon automatic vacuum sealer solves this problem with a fully removable top lid – no more odours or bacteria growth!

The versatility of the Geryon automatic vacuum sealers is quite impressive. It can handle whatever type of vacuum seal job you need, from normal bags with wet or dry foods to sealing only or vacuum sealer containers with its canister mode and attachment. There is nothing this vacuum sealer can’t do.

The sealing bar on the Geryon automatic vacuum sealer is a generous 12”, so it can take the large bag sizes and effectively seal them for bulk meal prep or any other task requiring sealed bags. This sealing width is the ideal size since the large vacuum seal bags are one foot wide.

The Geryon automatic vacuum sealer is very easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. It operates automatically and is super simple to adjust based on your purpose. It has simple one-touch buttons and light indicators to tell you what mode the device is currently on. With automatic operation, it truly is foolproof.

The Geryon vacuum sealer is compatible with canister sealing thanks to a special mode and a hose attachment for vacuum seal containers – this is a rarer feature to find on a vacuum sealer designed for bags. The sealing width is also quite wide at 12”, and the kit size is quite generous to give users a great variety of accessories to use when first using their vacuum sealers. A built-in bag cutter is a nice added feature for convenience, but the most convenient feature is that the top comes right off for thorough cleaning.

Though the performance of the Geryon automatic vacuum sealer is ideal for high-demand households, the only feature lacking is a built-in bag storage solution that makes it much easier to seal multiple bags in quick succession. Otherwise, users won’t face any troubles or lack of functionality when using this vacuum sealer.

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The FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 automatic vacuum sealing system is one of the best in the Canadian market, with a fully automatic operation that includes automatic bag detection. This advanced technology senses when you’ve inserted an open bag into the sealing bar. It will automatically detect the type of food you’re sealing and start the vacuum and seal process without touching a button. If you’d like to marinate meat for a more delicious meal, the rapid marinate function will be incredibly useful as well. This vacuum sealer also has a seal only option if you don’t need suction but want to reseal a bag for safer storage.

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer is also equipped with a retractable handheld sealer that is compatible with all types of other sealable objects like containers and zipper bags without requiring any additional attachments. The built-in nature of this handheld unit makes it more convenient than the loose, easily-lost accessory alternative found on other vacuum sealers in Canada. A progress bar shows how much longer the vacuum sealer will take to finish its cycle so that you can be prepared at every stage. To make cleaning the unit easier after moist foods have been sealed, the included drip tray can be put into the dishwasher to be cleaned. The multiple advanced features of the FoodSaver automatic vacuum sealing system make it one of the most convenient, intelligent options on the market.

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer offers all the versatility you could ask for with dry and moist food sealing. A seal only mode, and a handheld retractable unit for sealing all manner of canisters, containers, and zipper bags for products that aren’t compatible with the standard FoodSaver vacuum seal bags.

At 11”, the sealing bar is quite generous and will make sealing larger quantities of food easy. However, it is worth noting that there are longer sealing bars out there, and that extra inch can be a loss for people who are accustomed to a longer sealing bar.

This is one of the best vacuum sealers for ease of use and pure convenience. With automatic bag detection and sealing, the machine does all the work for you by going as far as to detect the type of food being sealed for an airtight seal every time. It is difficult to mess up, even if it’s your first time.

The FoodSaver automatic vacuum sealing system sets itself apart from the competition mainly by its pure ease of use. This vacuum sealer features a retractable handheld sealer, has a built-in bag cutter, operates with automatic bag detection for hands-free detection, vacuuming, and sealing, and has multiple seal modes for all food product types. It also makes cleanup a breeze with a dishwasher-safe drip tray with an indicator light when the tray is full. The rapid marinate setting is unique to this FoodSaver model as well. A progress indicator light is yet another distinctive feature that sets this vacuum sealer apart from the competition.

The only slight flaw present on the FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 automatic vacuum sealing system is that the sealing bar is slightly shorter than the competition, at 11” compared to 12”. For most people, this will be unnoticeable, but it is a small disappointment given the actual length of the FoodSaver vacuum sealer. Users should also be aware that this vacuum sealer is quite large and is heavier than most others on the market, so it isn’t ideal for travel, such as when going camping or taking a road trip.

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The FoodSaver FM2010 vacuum sealing system is an affordable and beginner-friendly option best suited to those who prefer appliances that store easily and can be brought out in a flash. This vacuum sealer is lightweight and compact despite its 11” sealing bar, so users will be able to move it quickly and can even bring it along on camping trips and other excursions where sealed food is a must. It does seal both moist and wet food, though you’ll have to be careful that there isn’t any moisture where the seal will be placed since the bar isn’t as strong as others. Inexperienced users will appreciate the automatic functioning since there is no guesswork when vacuuming out different food types before sealing.

This vacuum sealing also has a handheld fresh sealer included in the kit to enable more versatile applications with things like zipper bags and food containers that can’t be vacuum sealed in the normal fashion. A patented removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze, and the 3-position easy lock latch makes this vacuum sealer even more beginner-friendly. The one-touch buttons make operation very simple, though it isn’t as intuitive as more expensive FoodSaver models. Overall, this is an excellent vacuum sealer for the price and is ideal if bulky isn’t your style.

The versatility of the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system is on par with higher-end options since it can handle all types of foods and comes with a handheld sealer for tackling containers, zipper bags, and other ‘sealables’ of all sizes.

At 11”, this FoodSaver vacuum sealer is at the top end of the scale. This sealing width is enough for most large vacuum seal bags and won’t limit your ability to seal entire meals at once if that’s something you’d like to do. Though it isn’t the largest in the Canadian market, it will still be more than enough for most people.

This FoodSaver vacuum sealing system doesn’t offer as many advanced features as the others on our list. Still, it does outperform most of its competitors in this price range with automatic vacuuming and sealing, a drip tray for easy cleanup, and a super simple method of operation.

The FoodSaver FM2010 vacuum sealing system is one of the best for its price, but it has a few advanced features that set it apart from the majority of the competition. These features include a 3-position easy lock latch closure, a removable drip tray for collecting the mess after sealing moist foods, and a handheld fresh sealer unit for use with zipper bags, containers, and the like. The compact design and lightweight structure make this one of the best vacuum sealers for travel and camping too.

Though this FoodSaver vacuum sealer is rated for moist foods as well as dry, you may notice a weaker seal if moisture gets in between the bag where the seal is taking place, so a stronger sealer bar or dual sealing wires could help make a more effective seal when working with moist foods without a completely dry sealing area. There is also no bag cutter on this vacuum sealer, though this is more of a “nice-to-have” rather than a must-have.

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The Nesco VS-12 vacuum sealer is an excellent choice for people who are a bit hesitant to trust a vacuum sealer to deliver a seal capable of preserving their foods for months at a time since it has an optional double heat seal mode that actually seals twice instead of once for absolute freshness. A double-seal provides double the protection that a single line can offer, but this machine can also be set for dry or moist foods to tailor your seal even more for specific food types. There are also two sealing settings to choose from, with regular or gentle vacuum pressure, so you can customize the experience for softer, fragile foods and avoid damage. A progress countdown display is an extra feature for your convenience so you can be prepared with your next bag the second your first one is finished.

This vacuum sealer is designed for compact storage with bag storage built right in to make it even more convenient for you to size and cut bags using the vacuum sealer itself. The bag cutter will ensure you have a straight edge every time, and the sealing bar allows a generous 11.8” of sealing room for your larger bags. This is an excellent choice for beginners, with simple one-touch buttons for changing settings as well as tab guides that help you position the bag for optimal sealing. There is both a vacuum and seal mode and a manual seal mode if you want to let the machine do the work for normal foods but prefer to have absolute control for softer foods. This vacuum sealer also has a special setting for marinating and sealing canisters, though you’ll need to purchase a hose separately.

In theory, the Nesco vacuum sealer is quite versatile since it can handle wet and dry foods, soft and hard foods, and canisters. Still, in practice, we’re a bit let down since it doesn’t come with an attachment for vacuum sealing canisters, so users can’t make use of this feature without tracking down a compatible attachment.

The sealing width is one of the most generous on vacuum sealers designed for home use with a compatible width of up to 11.8”. Though some others will offer 12 inches, this is certainly close enough and is compatible with the larger size rolls and bags you’ll be using.

Users will appreciate the usability of the Nesco vacuum sealer. Its controls are incredibly simple to use with automatic and manual options, a progress countdown display, and a built-in bag cutter and bag storage. These features make it one of the easiest vacuum sealers to learn and operate quickly.

The Nesco vacuum sealer is a bit different from competitors in a few areas. We’re happy to report that it is one of the few vacuum sealers with bag storage built right in, making things so much more convenient when you pair it with the built-in bag cutter. We’re also very pleased by the option to double seal your bags since this adds an extra layer of protection that is particularly useful if you’re working with moist foods and are worried about moisture wrinkles or want to ensure your food lasts for over a year when stored appropriately. Plus, this vacuum sealer is rated for 100 consecutive seals, which is plenty more than the average vacuum sealer that overheats too quickly for more than a few seals in a row. Finally, the progress indicator is a rarer feature and is a great addition to help users remain efficient during their vacuum sealing sessions.

The only missing feature on the Nesco vacuum sealer is the lack of automatic bag detection, but this does not count as a flaw, and users will have no performance or quality-related issues when using the Nesco vacuum sealer.

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For comparison, the Weston Pro-2300 commercial vacuum sealer is the strongest on our list with an impressive 935 watts of power – most others average 100-150 watts. This power, combined with an extra-long sealing bar of 15”, makes it possible to seal any amount of food you want, even up to whole chickens, racks of ribs, and a fisherman’s catch of the day. Though you’d expect a machine of this power and strength to overheat quickly since it works so hard, that won’t be a problem with the Weston vacuum sealer, thanks to a fan-cooled motor that keeps the unit operational even after repetitive sealing over-generous lengths of time.

This is one of the easiest vacuum sealers to use, thanks to automatic functionality since you simply press start after you’ve inserted your bag and let the machine do all the work. Plus, the lid is see-through, so you can quickly and easily line up the bag under the seal bar without error. There is a manual seal option for softer foods, which is particularly useful since you cannot adjust the strength of the suction on this vacuum sealer. The suction strength on this vacuum sealer makes even large jobs incredibly efficient, which is why it’s ideal for commercial settings in the first place. Given its size, it isn’t surprising that this unit weighs 22 lbs., but we still don’t recommend putting it somewhere awkward for storage since it will be a pain to move back and forth.

Due to the sheer size of the Weston commercial vacuum sealer, it is quite versatile in that you can seal any type of food imaginable, from a single serving of leftovers to an entire chicken. In practice, though, you don’t have many options beyond normal sealing since there is no canister, marinate, or any other extra settings.

As a commercial-grade vacuum sealer, the Weston Pro-2300 vacuum sealer offers a sealing width that is well beyond the average for most vacuum sealers at 15” wide. Plus, the actual seal is 5mm thick, which is an exceptionally strong seal (though necessary for those larger bags).

Automatic and manual operation modes make this vacuum sealer very easy to use despite its intimidating size and appearance. A transparent lid makes positioning your bags easier, and the one-touch controls could not be easier to use.

The Weston vacuum sealer offers a few unique features considering it is quite different from most other models that are more geared toward home and casual use. Its extra-wide 15” sealing bar is the most noticeable feature that sets it apart from most others on the market, but there are a few additional features that make it one of the best models out there; these include built-in cord storage at the bag for saving space, one-touch automatic operation that takes the guesswork out of vacuum sealing, and a special cooling motor that allows for continuous sealing at no risk of overheating. Plus, it is more robust than nearly every other vacuum sealer out there, with extra-thick seals that preserve foods for longer.

Though the Weston commercial vacuum sealer performs exceptionally well for ordinary sealing tasks with bags and rolls, there are no additional settings for canisters, marinate, or any others that we commonly see on other vacuum sealers. This vacuum sealer is also quite large, making it awkward to store and more difficult to maneuver. This unit also doesn’t provide any additional seal modes that usually come in handy, such as specific wet and dry settings or gentler suction for more fragile foods.

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As with most kitchen appliances, vacuum sealers come in various price ranges that fit every budget. Automatic units will be pricier than manual options, but the kit size also has a significant impact on price since some vacuum sealers come as a standalone piece while others come with a cutter, rolls of bags in multiple sizes, and more to make the vacuum sealing process simpler. If you’re on a budget or won’t be vacuum sealing very often, you can certainly save a few pennies by choosing a cheaper option. If you are using it quite often, a more expensive vacuum sealer will most likely prove its value in performance and durability over the long run.

Automatic vs. manual

There are two options to consider when picking out one of the best vacuum sealers in Canada: automatic and manual. Automatic sealers are more intelligent and can often detect when a bag is inserted into the sealing bar, so it can start the process automatically without you having to press any buttons. On the other hand, manual vacuum sealers do not have any smart features and must be operated manually. There are pros and cons to both options. For example, an automatic sealer is more convenient and generally preferred for efficiency. Still, a manual vacuum sealer allows users to precisely control how much air is taken out of the bag before it is sealed, which can be helpful with more fragile foods. Of course, many automatic sealers may also have a manual option for this purpose.

Sealing modes

Not all vacuum sealers are designed to seal moist food, so a wet sealing mode is crucial if you’ll be using the device for sauces, stews and soups, and moist foods that could emit moisture during the sealing process. Another handy seal mode is a fast or slow option to adjust how fast the machine sucks out the air from your bag. Usually, slower is better for softer foods to avoid damage, but adjustable speeds can make it more efficient when handling hardier foods.

Bag cutter

A built-in bag cutter can make your life incredibly easy when using a vacuum sealer, particularly if you prefer to use rolls of bags instead of individual bags. This feature is most common on vacuum sealers that include a built-in bag storage solution, but it can be found on many of the best vacuum sealers in Canada. A built-in cutter speeds up the process of sizing your bags when packing food, and it guarantees a straight edge every time – an essential part of the vacuum sealing process.

Seal sophistication

Of course, your vacuum sealer should be able to deliver an effective seal for the type of food you’ll be packing. Not all sealing bars are made the same; some have a single seal while others have dual sealing wires for double the protection, some have the power to seal through tiny wrinkles or drops of moisture while others don’t, and the size of the sealing bar will change with each model. The dual sealing wires are the best feature to lock in freshness for the longest time, but a top-tier single seal vacuum sealer can still deliver lasting freshness for months.

Sealing width

The sealing width on a vacuum sealer is one of its most important characteristics. Vacuum bags come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of foods, and it would be incredibly disappointing if your vacuum sealer wasn’t large enough to handle whatever you wanted to seal to lock in freshness. Most vacuum sealers are 10-12” in length, but the sealing bar may not extend the entire length of the machine itself.

Seal only option

Sometimes, you’ll have a product that you want to seal to lock in freshness for longer, but it can’t withstand the suction of the normal vacuum sealing process – think chips. In this case, a seal only option is handy. You can use the vacuum sealer without the vacuum function to simply place a seal on the bag without breaking the chips into tiny pieces. There are many other foods that can’t handle suction, like powders, that you could reseal for storage or travel with the seal only option.


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