Equipment Overview This type of machine is a fully automatic rotary blow molding machine specially developed and develop

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Basic Info.
Model NO. CGX10-60-20
Forming Function Forming
Driven Type Electric
Material Type Perform
Packaging Bottles
Packaging Material Plastic
Transport Package Standard Export Package
Specification 4x40HQ
Trademark stonepack
Origin China
HS Code 8422301090
Production Capacity 10
Product Description
  1. Combi-Block 24000bph for 600ml Machine

  2. Equipment Overview
This type of machine is a fully automatic rotary blow molding machine specially developed and developed by our company on the basis of digesting and absorbing many advanced foreign technologies and aiming at the trend of high speed and high output of blowing equipment. It can be mainly used for blowing PET bottles such as pure water and carbonated beverages and various heat-resistant PET bottles. The machine has many advantages such as reasonable structure, small floor space, low power consumption, low gas consumption, good stability, etc., and meets the relevant national food hygiene standards. It is an ideal equipment for various large and medium-sized enterprises to blow bottles.
Main Features The whole machine operation adopts high-definition TFT touch screen operation, various interface languages can be switched freely, and multi-level menus are graphically combined with text friendly.The form expresses various operational instructions. The production speed, shift output count, and process parameter setting adjustment interface can be displayed on different menu levels on the screen. The operation adjustment is very simple and the man-machine interface is friendly. Extremely high productivity, single mould production: water bottle (0.5L) 2400BPH. Specially designed secondary air blowing system, real-time monitoring of the pressure curve during the molding process of each cavity bottle, providing timely and accurate process adjustment. The accurate instant parameters greatly facilitate the operator to adjust the process parameters, and the bottle molding quality is stable.

Number Of Molds (Pcs)10
Machine Weight (Without Preform Sorter) T20
Blowing M,Machine Height (M)3.2
Sorter Height (M)4.3*
Machine Footprint (M2)12*10
Capacity BPH0.5L24000
Bottle Volume (L)0.25-1.5
Bottle Maximum Diameter(Or Diagonal) Mm100
Support Ring Maximum Diameter (Mm)36
Bottle Height (Mm)320
Preform Raw MaterialPET
Installation Power (Kw)180
Example: 0.5L(14g)47.6-60
LP Gas Pressure (Mpa)0.7
Machine Inlet PressureAir PurityRefer to ISO8573-1
HP Gas Pressure (Mpa)3.5-4.0
Machine Inlet PressureAir PurityRefer to ISO8573-1
0.5lHigh Pressure GasFlow(With Recycling)8.13 (without considering the altitude and pipe loss)
Mold CoolingInlet Temp. (°C)5-15
Pressure (Bar)6.0
Cooling Water Flow Rate (M3/H)7
Ph Value7-8
Inlet And Outlet Temp. Difference (°C)3

  1. Adopting cam mechanism for precise control of robot transfer technology, high-speed pick-up of blanks and bottles, reliable quality, taking preforms to send preforms, taking bottles and bottles .Cooperate with the opening and closing mode to ensure accurate and efficient movement process. The blanks, the blanks, the bottles, and the bottles are all automatically completed by the robot to avoid intermediate pollution.
  2. The cam mechanism accurately controls the opening and closing of the mold base, the special mold clamping pressurization system, and the simple and firm mold frame structure; the cavity of each mold cavity can be independently controlled. Blowing parameters, good fault diagnosis function, special structure of blowing bottle ensure the reliability of sealing under various pressures, the blowing pressure can be adjusted; the stretching rod accurately controls the axial stretching of the preform.Primary and secondary blowing controls the longitudinal stretching of the preform, and the ideal distribution of the wall thickness of the bottle can be obtained by precise adjustment of the primary and secondary blowing.
  3. The heater adopts 7-10-stage far-infrared temperature control, and each group of heating lamps in the preheating zone and the adjustment zone can be separately adjusted according to the process requirements. The whole is equipped with a real-time temperature monitoring system to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process, while avoiding excessive temperature on the outer wall of the preform. The heating system of our company's equipment is 20%-30% more energy efficient than other similar systems, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
  4. The gas circuit part added the exhaust gas recovery system (according to customer needs), which can save about 40% of gas, thereby saving energy consumption and reducing costs.
  5. According to the different preforms and bottle types of the user, the corresponding heating parameters, blowing time and other process parameters can be set and saved as a formula. The other bottles can be produced smoothly by simply calling the preset recipe parameters
  6. The mold assembly is simple and can change the mold in the shortest time to reduce production downtime and improve production efficiency.
  7. User-friendly design makes complex industrial control operations close to people's habits; high resolution HMI, multi-language choices are suitable for different
  8. There are real-time monitoring functions and various fault alarm tips and help; flexible and convenient parameter settings to meet different process needs and other characteristics
  9. High-quality hardware, first-class network, familiar technology, innovative design, and perfect control ensure product quality.
  10. via internet, depending on the customer's needs.
  11. The blowing mold is made of special aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with special oxidation. The mold has a long service life, which reduces the production cost.
  12. There is a detection device at the star wheel (preform infeeding), which will automatically be removed when the preform jamed. After the abnormal preform is discharged, the device will dynamically reset.
  13. In order to ensure safety, the machine is equipped with a complete and reliable safety door system, and an alarm device is installed to ensure the safety of the operator to the utmost extent
  14. Technical parameters